SUCTI Train the Trainers Spring 2024


You can read some of the participants' testimonials on what are their insights on the SUCTI Train the Trainers:

The course is designed to be very interactive, encourages a lot of self-reflection, and sharing within the group. Sharing thoughts to the rest of the group was a good practice throughout the course, and the learning atmosphere encourages open-mindedness, is a “safe” space, and it also served as a support group for fellow future trainers.
I would recommend this course, as I gained the knowledge, skills, tools, and more importantly, the confidence to be an effective trainer! Also, the learning does not stop after finishing the course as we became members of the SUCTI Trainers network, which is useful for staying updated about the project as well as about the experiences of fellow trainers in their home institutions.

Noelle Rivera, Head of Partnership and Communications at the Office of International Linkages, University of the Philippines Diliman


Testing the interactive elements from the course in an actual workshop for administrators in my home institution for the first time was challenging, but as the workshop went along, I really felt that the tools and tips from the SUCTI-course worked!
Doing the SUCTI-course together with a colleague also made the whole experience more rewarding and our workshop participants complimented us on being such a good team!

Emma Heagg, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden


The SUCTI Train the Trainer course provided me with concrete and practical tools, which could be applied and adapted to the workshop that we held back at our home university afterwards.
The course also gave me the opportunity to meet a great group of colleagues from around the world, and the chance to exchange ideas, practices and material for future workshops.

Karen Gustafsson, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden 


Attending the “Train the Trainers” is an essential step on the way to internationalise any institution. The tools that you gain during the course prepare you extremely well for what awaits you once you train your colleagues back home.
Knowing that you have the power to overcome your fears and to improve the international environment at your university will boost your confidence and will allow you to make a change.

Pia Mahmoudi, University CEU Cardenal Herrera, Spain