SUCTI Train the Trainers Spring 2024

Learning Outcomes

After completing the “Train the Trainers” programme, participants will:

  • - Be able to train other university administrative staff in the most important aspects of internationalisation, so they can raise awareness and shift the internal culture of their institutions towards internationalisation and thus create systemic change.
  • - Be aware that the training forms part of the Internationalisation at Home process and that it leads to sustainable results
  • - Be better informed about internationalisation
  • - Have better presentation skills
  • - Have a good understanding of intercultural communication
  • - Have learned from other trainers, other participants and other cultural backgrounds.
  • - Be able to deal with all the organisational aspects of the training, preparation of materials, etc...

You can read Inés’ testimonial on what it has meant for her to become a SUCTI Trainer:

I am very surprised at how this started out and the point where I find myself now.
I remember the first day when I was in the Train the Trainers course. At that time, I was thinking to myself “what am I doing here? My English is not good enough... this is not my thing”. But getting out of my comfort zone took me to enjoying a fabulous experience and to improving my linguistic competencies.
Now, after the Train the Trainers experience, after getting out of my comfort zone, after learning so much about internationalisation, after preparing the course as a trainer together with my two colleagues, and after delivering the first course, I can say that I am very proud of what we have achieved. Now, we have already prepared our second training course, which we will deliver next week. The course has had a very positive response: 22 people signed up quickly without the need for reminders. One of the trainers moreover is now on maternity leave and the link and friendship between the three of us has grown thanks to working together towards this common goal. My co-trainers are no longer colleagues, but friends.
We were recently preparing this last edition of the course via Skype with the colleague on maternity leave and we were recalling the beginnings, less than one year ago, and how far we have come. Now we feel confident in our role as SUCTI trainers and it is and has been such a rewarding experience!
It has been an amazing present. Truly.

Inés Acebes Arranz,  Human Resources Department, Universitat Rovira i Virgili (Spain)