Spanish-Italian Symposium on Organic Chemistry - SISOC XIII


Any Student submitting an abstract before 22 April (for oral, flash communication or poster) is eligible for a grant without having to apply it formally.

Students will only have to justify their student status and membership of the RSEQ or SCI, through the registration and abstract submission application, (Private area - payment (select your fee category and bank transfer (payment is not mandatory at this stage), attaching the corresponding documents as one PDF file:

  • written statement signed by the thesis supervisor, accrediting the status of doctoral student.
  • proof of payment (year 2022) certifying membership of the RSEQ or the SCI

The Organic Chemistry Specialist Group of the RSEQ and the SCI will fund early registration for as many Spanish and Italian students respectively as possible. The SISOC-XIII organisation also envisages awarding grants for Spanish and Italian students.

On 27 May, the organisation will notify the acceptance of communications or posters for all participants, as well as grant recipients. Thus, the students will know by 3rd of June (deadline for registration) whether they have to pay the registration fee or not.