XIV International Symposium of Psycholinguistics

Final program and abstracts book

Download here the abstracts book (PDF)

Wednesday, April 10th

18:00   Opening ceremony
18:30   Welcome reception & Registration

Thursday, April 11th

08:00–09:00    Registration
09:00–10:00    "Conferencia SEPEX” (SEPEX CONFERENCE). Keynote lecture: Judith F. Kroll. University of California, Riverside. USA. 
10:00–11:20    Oral session A
11:20–11:50    Coffee break
11:50–13:50    Oral session B
13:50–15:30    Lunch
15:30–17:00    Oral session C (Albert Costa: in memoriam)
17:00–18:30    Poster session I
18:30–20:30    Social event (guided visit of the historic center of Tarragona)

Friday, April 12th

09:00–10:00   Keynote lecture: Angela Friederici. Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences. Leipzig. Germany.
10:00–11:20    Oral session D
11:20–11:50    Coffee break
11:50–13:50    Oral session E
13:50–15:20    Lunch
15:20–17:00    Oral session F 
17:00–18:30    Poster session II
18:30–19:30    "Conferencia COPC Tarragona" (COPC TARRAGONA CONFERENCE). Keynote lecture: Manuel Carreiras. Basque Center on Cognition, Brain and Language. Donostia-San Sebastián. Spain. 
21:00              Gala dinner: "Casa Joan Miret"

Saturday, April 13th

09:00–10:40    Oral session G
10:40–11:10    Coffee break
11:10–12:50    Oral session H
12:50–13:50    Keynote lecture: Gabriella Vigliocco. University College London. England.
13:50–14:10    Closing ceremony