16th European Bat Research Symposium


PIT-Tagging and cave-dwelling bats


The Bat Research Team at the University of the Basque Country offers the chance to join them during their PIT-Tagging operations with cave bats. They could receive up to six people during two tagging nights on the fourth week of August 2024 (19-25).

Besides tagging they are willing to show automated detection stations in different settings and discuss how to build them.

Responsible organisers:


Dates: two nights between 19-25 August 2024

Location: Basque Country

Maximum number of participants: 6 people

Proposed schedule:

1st Day:

  • Evening: introduction to the methodology and visit to detection stations.

  • Night: capture and tagging.

2nd Day:

  • Evening: antenna workshop

  • Night: capture and tagging.

Expenses: the expenses will be at your own



Registration: For further info please contact Inazio Garin via inazio.garin@ehu.eus and CC lander.olasagasti@ehu.eus

Deadline for registration: 15th May 2024





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