16th European Bat Research Symposium

How to get there?

As the European Bat Congress approaches, we are thrilled to provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to travel to the captivating city of Tarragona, where the congress will be held at the Tarragona Exhibition and Congress Center.


Our primary focus is on promoting sustainable travel, with a special emphasis on the eco-friendly option of train travel, reducing carbon footprint to contribute to a greener planet. The conference venue is well located in the centre of Tarragona, in the southern region of Catalonia on the northeastern coast of the Iberian Peninsula. Once in Tarragona, navigating to the congress venue is very easy, whether by walk or public transport.

Opt for Eco-Friendly Transportation and be a part of our commitment to sustainability!

Emissions by Mode of Transport

Travelling by bus

Bus Adventures: A Road Less Travelled For those seeking an economical and environmentally conscious option, buses offer a picturesque route to Tarragona.

Tarragona has one main bus station key for national and international travel. It provides connections to cities across Spain as well as to several European destinations.

Bus Adventures: A Road Less Travelled

Option 1:

Tarragona Bus Station 12-minute walk from Congress Center. Transportation companies serve eco-friendly global mobility.

Travelling by train

Wings of Change: Train Travel to Tarragona Tarragona's well-linked train station not only offers a comfortable journey but significantly reduces your carbon footprint.

Europe presents a well-connected rail network, offering travel to cities all over Spain, as well as to European destinations. To check the European routes by train you can also check Seat 61's blog.

Wings of Change: Train Travel to Tarragona

Option 1:

Tarragona Train Station 5-minute walk from Congress Center. Offer convenient connections to Spain and Europe.

Option 2:

Camp de Tarragona Station 11 km away from Tarragona. High-speed trains, AVE and Avant (regional high-speed train). To reach the city:
  1. Take bus (∼20 minutes, ∼1.5€ by Bus Plana)
  2. Take taxi (∼20 minutes, ∼33€)
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Travelling by car

Cruising in Comfort: Carpooling for Conservation Carpooling reduces individual carbon footprints, engage with fellow bat enthusiasts on the journey to Tarragona.

Carpooling is a sustainable and cost-effective option that helps reduce the environmental impact of travel. Instead of driving alone, consider sharing the journey with other attendees or opt for carpooling apps.

Wings of Change: Train Travel to Tarragona

2 main options:

  • From the north or south: Take the AP-7 motorway and exit at Exit 33 Tarragona.
  • From the west: Take the AP-2 motorway until Exit 9 Montblanc. Then, continue motorway A27 and exit at Exit 1 Tarragona.

Travelling by plane

Sky's the Limit: Air Travel Considerations If you are more of a bat style, we encourage you to reduce the carbon footprint by avoiding short flights, flying direct and economy, and packing light.

The best to options to arrive to Tarragona are by flying to Barcelona, whose airport is well-connected with many other European cities, or by flying to Reus, one of Tarragona's main cities.

Option 1:

Aena Reus Airport 14 km away from Tarragona.
  1. Take bus (∼20 minutes, ∼2€ by MonBus)
  2. Take taxi (∼20 minutes, ∼33€)

Option 2:

Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport 87 km away from Tarragona. Two passenger terminals: terminal 1 (largest) and terminal 2 (three connected sections: T2A, T2B and T2C). Free transport between terminals. Each airline operates in a specific terminal, check here to know the terminal you will be landing. To reach the city:
  1. Take intercity bus (∼1h 20 minutes, 15.95€ by BusPlana, operates every 2h)
    • At T1 bus stop located on floor 0, platforms 7 to 11 (departures are on floor 3).
    • At T2 bus stop located outside the terminal between T2B and T2C.
  2. Take train
    1. R2 North line to Barcelona-Sants (∼20 minutes, 4.60€). Train station located only at T2, in an adjacent building (take free shuttle bus from T1 to T2, located on floor 0).
    2. R13, R14, R15, R16 or R17 line to Tarragona (∼1h 15 minutes, ∼8€)
  3. Take taxi
    • At T1 taxis located on floor 0.
    • At T2 taxis located outside the terminal.