XVIIth International CALL Research Conference

Call for proposals

You should use the template provided on this conference website. Your submission should contain:

- 10-20 lines on the context of your research: situate your contribution;

- 20-40 lines where you focus on the conference theme and try to address one of the questions mentioned in the conference theme.

Deadline for submission of abstracts: February 15th 2015.

Notification of acceptance: February 23rd 2015.

Deadline for submission of conference paper (1 000 – 3 000 words): March 16th 2015.

Submission Process

Please download this template to submit your proposal.

Please do not change the formatting and style of this document.

Rename this file as “CALL2015_YourFirstName_YourLastName.docx” and send it to ann.aerts@uantwerpen.be

Publications related to the conference theme

The organizers have just published a Virtual Special Issue of Computer Assisted Language Learning with a selection of 16 freely accessible articles which are highly relevant to the conference theme.


Other interesting publications include:

Doughty, C & Long, M. (2003). Optimal psycholinguistic environments for distance foreign language learning. Language Learning & Technology, 7(3).

Ellis, R. (2003). Task-based language learning and teaching. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

González-Lloret, M. & Ortega, L. (2014). Technology-mediated TBLT: researching technology and tasks.Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Robinson, P. (2011). Second Language Task ComplexityResearching the Cognition Hypothesis of language learning and performance. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Van den Branden, K., Bygate, M. & Norris, J.M. (2009). Task-based Language Teaching. A reader. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.