XVIIth International CALL Research Conference



The organizing committee is very proud to announce that the XVIIth International CALL Research Conference will take place in Tarragona, on the beautiful campus of the Universitat Rovira i Virgili.

The International CALL Research Conferences were initiated by Keith Cameron, first editor of Computer Assisted Language Learning, at Exeter University. In 2002, Jozef Colpaert took over both the editorship of this prestigious journal and the organization of the conferences. Since then, the following have been organized:

Xth edition: “CALL Professionals and the future of CALL Research” (Antwerp, 2002).

XIth edition: “CALL and Research Methodologies” (Antwerp, 2004).

XIIth edition: “How are we doing? CALL and Monitoring the Learner” (Antwerp, 2006).

XIIIth edition: “Practice-Based & Practice-Oriented CALL Research” (Antwerp, 2008).

XIVth edition: “Motivation and Beyond” (Antwerp, 2010).

XVth edition: “The Medium Matters” (Taichung, 2012).

XVIth edition: “Research Challenges in CALL” (Antwerp, 2014).